The dataset is hosted as a part of AWS Public Dataset Program. The data is organized on the basis of dates. Each of these directories contain subfolders for each Vehicle and Maps. Each Vehicle sub-directory contains all the logs in rosbag format, PNG Images and calibration files for each sensor. Calibration data for each Vehicle is provided separately.

The directory structure is:

  • YYYY-MM-DD - The date when data was collected
    • Map - Combined Map files corresponding to the Mth Log from all vehicles
    • VN - The serial number of vehicle that collected the data, example V1
      • Info - Information pertaining to each vehicle drive
      • LogM - Every drive is divided in M parts, each of them containing:
        • LogM.bag - Rosbag file corresponding to the Mth Log
        • Images - PNGs corresponding to the Mth Log

The Images are orgainzed as:

  • CENTER - Center Camera
  • FL - Front-Left Camera
  • FR - Front-Right Camera
  • SL - Side-Left Camera
  • SR - Side-Right Camera
  • RL - Rear-Left Camera
  • RR - Rear-Right Camera

To get started, check out the tutorial on github and download the sample dataset.